Our dried fruit products

Fresh tropical fruits from Thailand is one of the most known and loved by lots of people around the world. We love them too, so we put much of our efforts to preserve all the natural taste and flavor in our dehydrated fruits for those fans want to enjoy the taste of tropical fruit all year round.

In our dried fruit factory, we produce varieties of tropical dried fruits from dried mango, dried pineapple, dried jackfruit, dried guava to herbal flower like dried roselle and many more.

As we are one of the Thailand dried fruits supplier, we are proud of our product and put our best effort to make sure our customers will get the best from our Thailand dried fruits products too.

Low Sugar Soft Dried Mango

Low Sugar Soft Dried Jackfruit

Low Sugar Soft Dried Guava

Low Sugar Soft Dried Pineapple (Baby Pineapple)

Low Sugar Soft Dried Roselle / Hibiscus

Low Sugar Soft Dried Mango Strips

Natural Dried Mango (no sugar added)

Natural Dried Pineapple (Baby Pineapple, no sugar added)